Getting Social Security disability benefits is often difficult, and doing it alone increases your chances of being denied. Hiring a qualified lawyer helps you avoid many of the common mistakes most people make. That is why hiring an attorney is a good decision. Yet, too many people still try to do it alone because they fear high lawyer fees will decrease their benefits.  There is no reason for such fears, however.

Social Security Administration rules are in place to protect your benefits from lawyer fees.  First, Administration approval of all lawyer fees is required.  This approval protects you from entering into a fee agreement that is unfair to you.  Second, the fee amount an attorney can charge is limited, generally to 25% of your back pay up to $6000.  So, if the back pay you are owed is only $6000, the attorney fee can only be 25% of the $6000.  These two rules keep lawyers from charging high fees and protect your future benefits.  With these rules, there is no reason not put an attorney to work for you and increase your chances of getting the disability benefits you need and deserve.

If you are ready to apply for Social Security disability benefits or if your application was previously denied, call our disability lawyers today.  We help people throughout Texas and the United States from our home office in Dallas, TX.

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