Are you likely to Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

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Are You Likely to Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

If you are wondering if you are likely to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, ask yourself the following questions to assess your likelihood of qualifying. Remember that going to a Dallas Social Security Lawyer residents can trust will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Are You Working?

If you are engaged in substantial gainful activity (which includes a job) you might not be approved for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration’s current limit on earnings is approximately $1,090 per month. If you earn more than that, you are likely to be denied.

Do You Have a Severe Medical Impairment?

Even if you do not feel that you are severely impaired, this requirement is satisfied by virtually any reduction in your ability to work. However, medical tests and signs must show that you suffer from a medical abnormality. A Dallas Social Security Lawyer may be able to help you determine if your medical impairment qualifies as severe.

Will Your Impairment Last 12 Months or Result in Death?

If your impairment is not expected to result in eventual death, it must have lasted continuously for 12 months or be expected to last at least that long. If your impairment is not continuous, but comes and goes, you may meet this requirement if your impairment prevents you from holding a steady job. Your impairment’s severity does not always have to be at the same level.

Are You Able to Work?

Being able to work generally disqualifies you from receiving Social Security disability benefits, but there are still exceptions to the rule. Even if you are able to work, your impairment could qualify under the listing of serious medical conditions that the Social Security Administration considers disabling.

Contact a Dallas Social Security Lawyer Texas Residents Trust

A Dallas Social Security Lawyer Texas claimants trust may help you figure out if your impairments are on this list. Otherwise, in order to qualify as disabled, you must be unable to do your past relevant work or unable to adjust to other common jobs. To qualify, workers under 50 usually must be unable to perform even sedentary work. A Social Security disability lawyer Dallas Texas patients use to fight claim denial may be able to help you if you need to appeal. We serve all areas in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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