Common Reasons for Social Security Denials

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Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains Common Reasons for Social Security Denials

Common Reasons for Social Security Denials

During the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits, it’s important to make sure your claim does not have any errors. Nearly two thirds of all claims are initially denied, many because they were rife with errors. However, the majority of claimants who keep working to earn their Social Security disability benefits eventually win, especially if they choose a Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer they can trust. Missing evidence is one example of a possible reasons for an erroneous denial. Because the initial disability determination is based solely on your medical records and application, your application may fail if it does not provide enough details about your medical condition or doctors, medications, and treatments.

A Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer can help you collect missing evidence. You may also be denied if your application focuses excessively or does not focus enough on your impairments. Even if your impairment qualifies for disability, if you are under 50, you are still likely to be initially denied. Your Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer can help you list your impairments effectively. Remember, you are also disabled if you are no longer able to do your past work or other work that is common in the national economy.


RFC Assessments

An inaccurate RFC assessment may result in claim denial. Your RFC or residual functional capacity may have been overestimated. RFC is the most strenuous level of work you can do. An inaccurate assessment of your past job may also result in the denial of your claim. The initial decision makers may believe you can still hold a former job because they did not realize how demanding the job actually was.

Claims are sometimes denied due to failure to consider all impairments, symptoms, and limitations. This is especially true of symptoms and conditions such as fatigue, headaches, mental illnesses and pain, which can be difficult to measure. People with these conditions are often routinely denied benefits and must fight on appeal to win their case.

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If any of these reasons could apply to you, and your claim is denied, you should appeal. Contact Graves Law today at (214) 321-6940 to work with a Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer residents can trust. Claimants with dedicated lawyers have much better chances of winning their appeals than claimants who choose to represent themselves. We serve all areas in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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