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Applying and appealing for Social Security Disability is often a difficult process that can be expedited by a Social Security Dallas Attorney. There are some steps you can take to make the process go as smoothly as possible, from the early stages of filing to filing for an appeal if your disability claim is rejected.

Don’t Wait to File

In most cases, it is best to file for disability as soon as you are unable to work. Disability claims can take a long time to be accepted or denied, and it can take even longer before you receive benefits. Many applicants experience financial hardship due to their inability to work, so filing for benefits as soon as possible is important. It is also important to promptly file for SSDI, so your disability insurance does not expire. SSI does not allow you to collect payments for a date prior to your application, so in order to avoid losing benefits, file as soon as possible.

Get Assistance with the Disability Application

If you are having difficulty with the paperwork required for your Social Security Disability claim, a Social Security Dallas attorney may be able to help. Many people who apply for benefits or file an appeal are unable to properly complete the required paperwork or to submit it on time. Incomplete or late claims always result in denial, so having assistance is often the best way to ensure that your claim stands a good chance at success. Because it is common to have your initial claim denied, it is best not to give your case examiner any reason to deny your claim, such as missing paperwork or documents that are not filed in a timely manner.

Have Regular Medical Exams

Visiting the doctor regularly can bolster your Social Security Disability claim, which is primarily evaluated based on your medical records. Regular, ongoing medical treatment provides a timeline of illness and the supporting documents you need to make a strong case for receiving disability benefits. The SSA may not believe your condition is severe if you do not make frequent doctor’s visits. In general, it is best to be seen by your physician at least once every two months. Even patients who lose medical coverage before getting approved for benefits can seek care at a free clinic, county health department, or emergency rooms. These options may not be ideal, but they do provide a record of treatment that may help your case.

Be Consistent with Prescriptions

Being consistent with the medications prescribed by your physician may have an affect on how Social Security views your claim. Many judges will deny claims for applicants who did not take what was prescribed to them. Even if you did not have the means to obtain your medication, an ALJ may still deny your claim. So, it is important that you pursue all available resources to obtain your medication.

Hire a Social Security Dallas Attorney

Social Security Dallas Attorney may be able to help if your initial disability claim is rejected. An attorney can provide representation at your hearings and help with your continuing and retroactive benefit claim. After initial denial, claimants must go through appeals process. An appeals hearing goes before a federal administrative law judge, and a qualified attorney can provide valuable representation in this forum. From effectively presenting the facts of your disability to the judge to avoiding common pitfalls, an attorney can be of tremendous help when it comes to presenting your case on appeal. We serve all areas in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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