Medical Treatment: A Critical Component to a Successful Social Security Disability Claim

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Medical Treatment: A Critical Component to a Successful Social Security Disability Claim

Avoidable mistakes can easily lead to a denial when you make a Social Security disability claim. One of the most common mistakes is failing to obtain the appropriate medical care. In order for a Dallas Texas disability lawyer to prove your disability, you will need thorough, recent medical records. Make sure you see your doctor regularly and always report each of your symptoms at every visit. Avoid mentioning only the most severe medical problems. Under Social Security law, the judge must consider all your medical conditions when determining your ability to work. A Dallas Texas disability lawyer may help you create a list of all your symptoms and medical conditions. When people are disabled and out of work, mental health problems such as anxiety or depression often develop.

Regular Treatment and Keeping Medical Records

If you develop these problems or have any other mental health symptoms, always report them to your doctor. Obtaining regular treatment for all symptoms, whether they are mental, emotional or physical, is important. Failure to assemble complete medical records and complete lists of symptoms is one reason some claims are initially denied. Do not discontinue prescribed treatment. Unfortunately, some disability claimants stop medical treatment, including prescriptions, because they are afraid treatment could conceal the severity of their medical conditions and result in a claim denial. This is a mistake.

In reality, the Social Security examiner in charge of reviewing your claim may conclude that your condition is not as disabling as you claim, resulting in a denial that a Dallas Texas disability lawyer may try to help you fight. The same can happen if you stop going for treatment because you feel doctors have not helped much. This is both a medical and legal mistake. No one needs medical care more than a person suffering from a severe or chronic problem, and if you have not followed treatment that could make it possible for you to work again, your application may be denied.

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A Dallas Texas disability lawyer may be able to help you appeal the denial. The process of obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits is not an easy one, but the majority of claimants who appeal eventually win. We serve all areas in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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