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Our personal injury attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars from insurance companies on behalf of injured Texans.  Our experienced trial attorneys routinely handle a variety of personal injury cases, including trucking accidents, car wrecks, wrongful death claims, brain injury cases, and workplace injury cases.  If you have been injured due to the acts of another, give us a call today for a free consultation at (214) 484-1930. Let us put our experience and history of securing multi-million dollar recoveries to work for you.

Recent Recoveries

Our commitment to maximizing client recoveries, rather than simply getting files closed and off of our desks, is a large reason our clients keep coming back to us and referring us cases. Below is a small sample of recent recoveries by our Dallas personal injury attorneys:

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$8 million

$8 million recovery for a client that sustained a severe brain injury. (Attorney’s fees and expenses totaled $3,251,727.38)

$2.2 million

$2.2 million on behalf of parents of an adult child killed in a motorcycle crash. (Attorney’s fees and case expenses totaled $905,025.00)


$1,737,500 on behalf of the family of a construction worker killed on the job. (Attorney’s fees and case expenses totaled $546,935.36)


$1,725,000 on behalf of a rape victim at an apartment complex.  (Attorney’s fees and case expenses totaled $767,809.90)


$1,500,000 for injuries sustained in a trucking accident. (Attorney’s fees and expenses totaled $741,771.00)


$1,000,000 on behalf of a 90 year old pedestrian struck by a car and later died. (Attorney’s fees and case expenses totaled $150,004.50)


$800,000 on behalf of a man who sustained a fractured leg in an ATV accident. (Attorney’s fees and case expenses totaled $270,976.65)


$600,000 on behalf of a man injured at a family gymnastic center. (Attorney’s fees and expenses totaled $277,919.33)


$250,000 on behalf of a truck driver who sustained a fractured leg from a forklift. (Attorney’s fees and case expenses totaled $107,201.83)

Personal Cases We Handle

In our thirty plus years of combined experience, we have experience handling a large variety of personal injury cases.  Below is a small sampling of the types of cases we handle on a daily basis. If you are injured by someone else’s actions, take advantage of your free consultation and call us at (214) 484-1930 to see if it is the type of case we can handle for you.

Trucking Accidents

Severe injuries. Evidence that can disappear quickly.  Complicated federal regulations. Trucking accidents need personal injury lawyers with years of experience handling these types of cases.  The cases require lawyers that have trucking experts ready to document and save all necessary evidence.  Trucking cases require lawyers that understand the law and complicated science often involved in these cases, and lawyers who can properly evaluate and get a jury to understand the severity of the injuries and damages at stake. Our personal injury lawyers have that experience from handling tucking accidents for decades.   We understand the common causes of trucking accidents- excessive hours behind the wheel, faulty maintenance, drug use, improper loading, using smart phones while driving- and how to gather the evidence. Most importantly, we know how to get you the compensation you need following a life changing collision.

Car Wrecks

A car wreck raises a number of questions: How do I pay these medical bills? How do I get treatment if I do not have health insurance? Who is responsible for my lost wages? What happens if my injuries are permanent and I need future medical care? Does my insurance cover any of this? What about my pain and suffering?

Our Dallas car wreck attorneys will guide you through this confusing and difficult times and help answer these questions for you. From helping you get the medical care you need to holding the insurance company of the driver that hit you responsible, our car wreck attorneys understand what it takes to get you back on your feet with a recovery you deserve.  We are not a firm that handles hundreds of car wrecks a month, and this is purposeful so that each of our clients gets the attention they need to help them through this difficult time.

Workplace Injuries

Texas is one of the few states that does not require employers to have worker’s compensation for their employees. Many Texas companies have insurance that they tell their employees is worker’s compensation but really isn’t.  So if you are hurt on the job, you may be able to seek a recovery from your employer.  That’s why it is important to talk to a Dallas workplace injury attorney to make sure you are not waiving any of your rights to compensation you are entitled to when injured on the job.

We routinely handle the following workplace injury cases:

Meat packing plants: high quotas, fast paced environments, poor safety equipment, and little training around dangerous machinery routinely leads to unnecessary and preventable injuries.  We have successfully represented many injured meat packing employees, including Tyson workers in Texas.

Construction sites: construction sites are often subject to extensive safety regulations that many employers ignore in an effort to save money. Putting money before safety is a recipe for severe and often fatal injuries on construction sites. We have recently successfully handled improper scaffolding and inadequate fall protection cases.

Oil rigs:  few jobs are more dangerous. Following proper safety guidelines is a must. But in a world where employees are frequently overworked and money can get tight with economic downturns, mistakes are made and short cuts are taken that result in injuries. We recently resolved a case where faulty equipment was kept in use despite warnings it could lead to injuries.

Workplace vehicles and heavy equipment: a car wreck while on the job is no longer a simple routine car wreck. Different legal issues arise that require a lawyer with knowledge and experience.  The same is true when your injury is from heavy equipment like bulldozers and forklifts, which often result in life altering injures. We recently helped a gentleman that was run over by a forklift because safety equipment was removed and the driver was not properly trained. 

Other workplace injuries:  If you are injured at any job because another worker did something wrong or safety equipment was not used or rule was not followed, call us. We have successfully helped injured Texas workers in many different types of other workplace settings, like grocery stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Let our workplace injury attorneys evaluate your claim and protect you from waiving your rights.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall cases are not easy in Texas.  The law places many hurdle’s in your way to get a recovery. Our Dallas slip and fall attorneys know how to navigate those hurdles and maximize recoveries, especially against larger companies like Walmart.

Our Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here To Help

If you or your loved one was injured due to the negligence of someone else, call our Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys today at (214) 484-1930.  All consolations are free, and you owe nothing unless we recover for you.   Call today.  We are here to help.

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