The Social Security Administration recognizes that some diseases are so severe that evidence of a diagnosis alone is enough to grant disability. This is known as the Compassionate Allowance program. This program drastically shortens the time it usually takes for an applicant to receive disability by months or years.

The administration just announced the addition of five more diseases to be added to this program. These diseases are:  Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors, GM1 Gangliosidosis – Infantile and Juvenile Forms, Nicolaides-Baraister Syndrome, Rubinstein-Tybai Syndrome, and Secondary Adenocarcinoma of the Brain.

There are currently two hundred forty two diseases identified in the Compassionate Allowance program.  If you or a loved one was diagnosed with a terminal or debilitating illness, it is important to check the list of diseases included in the Compassionate Allowances program. An application along with medical records confirming the diagnosis can get needed benefits in your hands quickly without the need of a lawyer to help you get through the normal drawn out disability process.

Of course, if you have any questions, give our Dallas Social Security disability lawyers a call.  We are happy to discuss your claim with you and assist you with your disability application.  And if your illness is not included in the Compassionate Allowance program, that does not mean you do not qualify for disability.  It simply means you need to go through the normal application process, and we are ready to help you do that.