You are not alone. COVID has greatly slowed down the Social Security Administration. Field offices have been closed with only limited staff available for “dire situations.” This is making it harder for many to get their applications filed and for other’s to address issues they are having with their benefits.  That is because many people in greatest need of Social Security disability benefits rely on the field offices due to lack of internet as well as the need for assistance with complicated forms.  Fortunately, elected officials are beginning to notice these delays and difficulties, and they are starting to work on solutions.  Steps are being taken to get more Social Security employees back into field offices where possible, improve teleworking, and simplify forms, for example.  That process is just starting, however, and it is unclear how long before the Social Security Administration returns to the level of service necessary to treat citizens in need of help.

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To learn more about how congress is responding to delays at the Social Security Administration, click on the link below

Senators growing frustrated with SSA’s closed offices, pandemic workarounds