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With a focus on Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income, we can provide you with a Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney who can help you with your claim. The Graves Law Office has a high success rate and is selective when it accepts cases, ensuring every client’s case gets the time and energy it deserves.

Case Examination

Each case is carefully examined and reviewed by a highly experienced and qualified Dallas social security disability attorney. This ensures every angle of the case is explored, which is especially important when the disability case is a challenging one. The Graves Law Office’s philosophy is based on the idea that, within reason, everything should be done to cast a favorable light on on your case when it is presented to the Social Security Administration. When appropriate, a Dallas social security disability attorney may pursue third-party testimony such as medical reports from your physicians and statements from witnesses such as friends and family. We serve all areas in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. The Graves Law Office recognizes that every person’s case is unique and treats you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

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Contact the Graves Law Office at (214) 321-6940 for information about preparing relevant and accurate responses to the Social Security Administration’s forms.